Month: January 2013

Verner takes a trip

We got a post card from Verner who is on vacation and sailing across the oceans.
He writes that he’s having a great time but that he misses the Tomteboden.

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Gnomes with sheepskin from Gotland


I have a very special fine hair that comes from Gotland sheep. These are unique to Sweden and has curls in various shades of gray.

Please brush me, it itches so good in my beard! If my curls disappear, try to sprinkle some water on my hair.

Viktor with friends

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Tomteboden in Örnaholm

In 1993, Åsas Tomtebod was founded in this little house in Örnaholm, Sweden. We still manage to produce most of our products here, but since the start we have expanded the building. Although the business has grown, the products are still handmade and by materials strictly from nature. Nowadays we do not sell anything to private persons here. Instead our products are available at our retailers. Read more about us!

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