Busy in Tomteboden,,,

Ali Åsa

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Formex 2016

We have been at the Formex Fair in Stockholm. Here is a picture of our stand.

 Formex 2016_

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Time to relax

It’s only a few days left to Christmas. How will you spend it? We will spend time with our family, enjoy good food and of course relax – a lot!

Actually, Selma and Verner have already started the Christmas-relaxing . Doesn’t it look cosy?! Looks like they gonna stay there the whole Christmas…

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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See you at Christmasworld 2014

On January 24 to 28, we will participate in Christmasworld 2014 in Frankfurt. Christmasworld is the leading international trade fair for festive decorations as well as lighting and fireworks.

The fair is held once every year and it showcases thousands of innovative products. With over 940 exhibitors announced to Christmasworld 2014, we will most certainly experience lots of new and exciting things. Christmasworld is an important arena and venue to showcase new trends. Visitors range from private individuals to wholesalers, florists, interior designers, makeup artists, designers and many more.

And in addition to all the exciting exhibitors, there is also lectures, workshops and much more fun.

With over 31,000 visitors from all over the world, we look forward to a wonderfully intense fair! We will showcase our beloved Tomtar and Gnomes – but we will also present a couple of exciting new products. Hope to see you there!

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Valter makes a new friend

Even gnomes know it’s important to take some time off and have fun in the snow.

Valter enjoys the nice weather and builds a snowman.

While waiting for Vera to serve the hot chocholate he becomes real fond of his new friend.

– “See you again tomorrow”, he whispers before returning home to Tomteboden.

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Verner takes a trip

We got a post card from Verner who is on vacation and sailing across the oceans.
He writes that he’s having a great time but that he misses the Tomteboden.

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Gnomes with sheepskin from Gotland


I have a very special fine hair that comes from Gotland sheep. These are unique to Sweden and has curls in various shades of gray.

Please brush me, it itches so good in my beard! If my curls disappear, try to sprinkle some water on my hair.

Viktor with friends

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Tomteboden in Örnaholm

In 1993, Åsas Tomtebod was founded in this little house in Örnaholm, Sweden. We still manage to produce most of our products here, but since the start we have expanded the building. Although the business has grown, the products are still handmade and by materials strictly from nature. Nowadays we do not sell anything to private persons here. Instead our products are available at our retailers. Read more about us!

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I got the idea from somewhere, maybe on my walks in the forest or just out of nowhere. The idea of the real Santa Claus, the modern Santa, the cozy Santa. Why cant it see? Well it can, it’s just a bit shy or may not want to see the misery in the world. Skäggtomten has been with us ever since the beginning of the 90’s, but is still very popular, and why shouldn’t it be?

It is our classic model with a wooden frame. All are available with red or grey cap.

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